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Elevators have been around for many years.Let’s here take a closer look at parts of elevators and its function.
Speed Governors
The speed regulating system of elevators is known as the speed governor.If the elevator runs more than the speed limit, the speed governor controls the speed. It is usually attached to the bottom of the car and is also known as governor rope.
Electric Motor
In case the lift faces any serious condition, Electric Motors helps in preventing it and provides a smooth functioning of lifts.
Elevator Rails
Sliding up and down in the elevators is possible with the proper functioning of Elevator Rails.
This is the main part of Elevator which is designed for the shipment of goods and services or the passage of persons.
Elevator Shaft
Lift cabin moves in this space. Depending upon the type of elevator, the location of the shaft can be varied.
As normal doors, elevator doors are also meant for entry and exit. Elevator door is of two types: Manual doors and Automatic doors.
Manual doors: These types of doors are opened with the help of a person who wants to enter the lift.
Automatic doors: Automatic doors are the type of doors which are automatically opened as it is powered by a door operator.
Drive unit
Everything that works under electricity must have a motor attached for the functioning. Drive unit is the part which contains a motor that drives the lift.
The buffer is an apparatus located at the bottom of elevator designed to protect people. Buffers can stop a descending car by accumulating or dissipating the kinetic energy of the car.
Safety device
This is a mechanical device attached to the elevator for safety reasons. In case the lift travels downward with a maximum speed or over the speed limit, safety device can maintain a safety and secure traveling.

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