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New installations
The European Standard EN 115 and the Machinery Directive (2006/42/ EC) define and regulate the safety of construction and the installation of escalators and moving walkways in buildings.
Height of the balustrade
The balustrades are available in three heights: 900, 1000 and 1100 mm. The 900 mm handrail has the advantage of allowing even small children to easily reach the handrail. In the event of greater fall height, balustrades with a height of 1000 mm are recommended. Balustrades 1100 mm high can also be delivered when required by regulations.
Passage height
The height of free passage above the strip of steps or trays must be in all respects equal to 2.3 m minimum.
Safety distances
The horizontal distance from the outer edge of the handrail to the walls or other obstacles shall in no case be less than 80 mm. This distance must be respected up to a height of at least 2.1 m above the strip of steps or trays.
Existing installations
More than 75,000 escalators and moving walkways are currently in use in the European Union, more than 50% of which were installed last century. This situation results in different levels of security in Europe and different levels of risk, a potential source of accidents.
Maintenance obligations
Escalators and moving walks are governed by the Machinery Directive number 2006/42 / EC. The maintenance conditions are defined in the manufacturer's instruction manual.
Maintenance conditions
The maintenance that must be entrusted to competent actors includes all the operations necessary to ensure a satisfactory and safe operation of the installation and all its components after reception and throughout its life cycle.
A European standard defining risks and corrective measures
Published in 2010, the new European standard EN 115-2: 2010 defines a common approach and describes specific procedures for achieving acceptable levels of safety for existing units. Based on risk assessments, this standard categorizes various hazards and hazardous situations. In addition, it lists the risks and the corrective measures that can be implemented gradually.
In accordance with its mission, the ELA (European association of which the Federation of Elevators is a member) has developed the attached brochure which describes the major risks and corrective measures to achieve acceptable safety levels in accordance with EN 115 -2: 2010.

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