Intelligent Elevator

1.Intelligent elevator
Internet of Things technology is making elevator products more and more "smart". Through network information technology, elevators, passengers, and maintenance services are connected in series.
The sensor installed in the elevator makes the elevator's operation condition measurable and controllable. Through mobile technology and cloud computing, the elevator maintenance data management is digitized, and the traditional transcript and paper storage are removed, so that the elevator maintenance is more timely. .
2. The function of the intelligent elevator
At present, the common basic functions of the elevator IoT platform mainly include remote monitoring, automatic alarm, remote control, diagnosis and maintenance, system linkage, data mining, report and decision support and energy saving analysis. In addition to optimizing maintenance services, IoT technology is now being used to give elevators "brains" and "eyes." Intelligent elevator system designed and developed by Yingtang Zhongchuang
It is possible to record and analyze the image data of the passengers on each floor recorded by the photographing device through the intelligent influence analysis system, so that the passengers who go to the same target floor are allocated to the same elevator.
3. Advantages of smart elevators
The elevator drag control system has gone through a simple to complex process. The modern elevator is mainly composed of a traction machine (winch), a guide rail, a counterweight device, a signal control system, a car and a hall door intelligent elevator. The intelligent elevator provides access to specific floors for the control personnel in the elevator car. Control cardholders to enter and exit certain floors that are allowed to enter and exit to prevent random access to the floors and ensure reassurance;
The intelligent elevator has a section type increase, delete, query card number and floor setting;
Operation mode: the single-layer card holder has a direct card swipe, no need to press the button; after the multi-layer card user swipes the card, the user must press the permission button recorded in the card to arrive;
Optional password keyboard, enter the elevator when forgetting to bring the card;
With time zone control: the system is opened for a certain period of time, controlled within a certain period of time, so that the elevator automatically runs according to regulations;
The system is connected to the elevator itself by passive contact, and the two are completely isolated, which will not have any impact on the original performance of the elevator;
The product comes with a self-test device. When the system fails or is damaged, the signal can be sent out, and it will automatically be separated from the original system to restore the original state of the elevator without affecting the use of the elevator;
The intelligent elevator has a fire signal input interface. When the passive dry contact fire switch signal is activated, the IC card elevator system does not work, and the elevator returns to the original state; the low power CMOS microcomputer is used, and the personnel and stored data can be saved when the power is off. No loss in the year; including the function of the reception card;
The offline or networked state system automatically records information about each successful use of the elevator for statistics, printing, archiving, and querying.