"Made in China" 67 stadium Elevators unveiled at the World Cup in Russia

The World Cup in Russia in 2018 has been whistled. Inside and outside the stadium, many “Chinese elements” are particularly eye-catching. In the Mordovian Arena and Samara Arena in Russia, 67 lifts from Shenyang are waiting for an “inspection”.
It is understood that during the World Cup, the Mordolva Arena will hold 4 group matches, and the Samara Arena will host 4 group matches, 1 game of the top 16 and 1 game of the top 8. Cristiano Ronaldo, J Luo, Suarez, Cavani, and other players will take Shenyang's large-tonnage lifts to their debut.
In March 2017, Shenyang Everbright Bollett Elevator won the bid from many international brands in the same price competition, winning a total of 67 elevator projects in the 2018 Russian stadium World Cup Moldova Arena and Samara Arena. . This was the signing of the contract for international large-scale sports events by Shenyang Grand Bolint Elevator after the project of the Heathrow Airport project for the 2012 London Olympics.
Like World Cup games, the stadium elevator bidding is a brutal "elimination game." Hundreds of indicators such as design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and after-sales service have set up “layers” at various levels for enterprises participating in bidding, among which technology is the first threshold. According to Wang Feng, regional manager of Shenyang Bodaite Elevator Russia, the project for this bid was constrained by the site conditions of the top station, the small well, and the heavy load. Among them, 31 elevators needed special design and manufacturing. In order to design elevators that meet the needs of the organizers in the shortest possible time, Shenyang Grand Bolin Elevator has set up a special team to organize more than 200 design R&D teams for three days and three nights in a row. Ultimately, with advanced technological advantages, Rich in major project design experience, come up with an optimal plan, achieved a technological breakthrough, and won orders. "Although the sales of elevators in the two venues are not large, the final bid was only 10 million yuan. But this project is not earning money. It is a fight in one breath, and it is the influence of Shenyang Zhizhi." Wang Feng said.
In addition to technology, the long-term comprehensive strength of the Russian market has also been an important factor in the successful bidding of Shenyang Grand Bolin Elevator. According to the relevant person in charge of Shenyang Bodaite Elevator Co., Ltd., the company has been actively expanding the Russian-speaking countries and the surrounding markets for more than 10 years since entering the Russian market. At present, its sales and after-sales service network has spread all over major cities throughout Russia, and its product quality has been improved. Highly recognized by local users.